Non-Slip Dish (10670079)

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Nurtria Non-Slip Dish is great for preventing spills. The powerful suction base will stay put, and then easily release when you lift the tab. This plate also comes with a lid to keep baby’s food warm until he or she is ready to eat. Plate is microwave safe. (Suction base must be removed before microwaving)

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Overall Review: 4.0/5

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  1. 04/15/2018
5 Love!So much larger than it looks in picture.

Reviewed by:

  1. Mama
  2. 09/05/2018
3 I don't like these as much as the plain, bright colored 3 packs. The pros are also the cons. It comes with a lid (great, right?! No, I barely use it and it's just taking up space or being used as a frisbee) and the non slip ring is removable for easy washing (2 things from this: it comes off! My kids don't have to know how to unlatch the bottom to make a mess, they can just pull the plate off leaving the ring suctioned to the table... It comes OFF! and you can't use the plate properly without the suction ring or it tips the plate over) But hey, it's pretty, my toddler loves the design in the middle.