Baby Organic Cotton Wearable Safe Sleeping Bag Blanket (10268645)

Touched By Nature

Touched by Nature's soft and stretchable cotton sleeping sack is perfect for your little infant while sleeping. Sleeping bag is made from soft and durable organic cotton. Sleeping bag designs does not constrain hips or legs so baby can move with ease. Zipper closes from top to bottom for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night. Best if used over regular sleepwear instead of a blanket. This is the perfect solution to keep baby warm during the cooler nights. Size 0-6 Months fits 10-18 lbs, Size 6-12 Months fits 15-24 lbs, Size 12-18 Months fits 22-28 lbs, Size 18-24 Months fits 26-36 lbs.

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MSRP: 19.99


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